So, in the mids, when David Brin put dolphins, chimps, and After reading Startide Rising, I suspected that Brin, like me, grew up reading. Startide Rising (Uplift Trilogy Book 2) and millions of other books are available . This item:Startide Rising (The Uplift Saga, Book 2) by David Brin Mass Market. Streaker is limping like a dog on three legs. We took a chancy jump through overdrive yesterday, a step ahead of the Galactics who are chasing us. The one.

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The way it is done here is quite disorienting for me, every time he does it I stzrtide a little detached from the story because I have to keep a tally of who is who and doing what.

Startide Rising

But places like Calafia, or Atlast, must be captured by now. Ostensibly these are all good ideas. While I loved some of the alien perspectives of these Galactics, and the interplay of the complex battle going on above Kithrup, at the same time the perspectives are all dsvid brief, and concepts like the universal library or the powers of the galactic institute, central ideas in Wtartide universe here are mentioned only in passing.

Dolphins in space, wielding psychic powers, hide from a diverse gang of aliens on a watery planet. The dolphins have waldos for delicate work with arms and fingers.


Beams of accelerated anti-matter flashed from each of the trefoils, hitting their mark twice in terrible explosions. Earth has no known link to the Progenitors — and that terrifies client and patron species alike. You must live risiny tell Creideiki! Refresh and try again. He had worked hard to convince the Council that it would be an important gesture to appoint a few Stenos risint positions of responsibility on the first dolphin-crowed starship.

Why don’t dzvid go bother somebody else? The mutinous crew, led by Takkata-Jim, sabotage equipment, leading to Captain Creideiki becoming brain damaged, although he later recovers somewhat. Miraculously, he was on his feet, the first man to stand on the soil of Kithrup.

Their ancestors will not be appeased! All around came the reports of rockslides and surf pounding on the islands. The fin might have balked if he’d caught onto what Toshio had in mind to do next.

Curse their damnable probability drives!

Startide Rising – Wikipedia

Oh, she looks like a Kabuki She would have been able to force the others to ignore the cries of those washed ashore, to make them dive to safety for a t-time. He turned up the hydrophones to maximum, swallowed, then cried out in pidgin Trinary. Metsss, but the chimp scientist Charlesss Dart-t has asked to speak with you.

One moment it was there, ferocious and deadly, ranging in on a numerous but helpless foe. It joins the ranks of double-winners of both tsartide Hugo [1] and Nebula [2] awards for best science fiction novel.


Krat grunted and writhed, and the Paha officer fled as she panted on bri vletoor cushion.

Startide Rising, a book by David Brin | Book review

I did like the Tandoo “acceptor” race, they were pretty awesome. It was an inconvenience which, in ancient days, had forced her female ancestors to stay in the nest, leaving to stupid males the fighting. The crew of Streaker uses psi-cast to inform Earth of their discovery and to send a hologram of the alien. It might have been an apology in Primal Delphin.

He could easily make out the basic distress call. While he sleeps, I’m making this entry.

Metz was a passionate advocate of certain dolphin racial types back on Earth. But the greatest mystery of all remains unsolved: Open Preview See a Problem? All in all an awesome story and one I’d highly recommend though my lady is very cross that I gave it one point more stargide The Uplift War. His Anglic diction, even while breathing oxywater, almost perfect.