M. Gryzinski, in FPB, Novosibirsk, July , p. 89, ; Sprawa Atomu, Hamo-Sapiens, Warszawa, M. Gryzinski, Preciesly About Atom (in. Collectively moving electrons in a space centered cubic lattice. Graphics from the book “Sprawa Atomu” · Back. Spin of the electron – a source of symmetry in Nature. Graphics from the book ” Sprawa Atomu” · Back.

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K-shell ionisation cross section of Ag by protons at very low energies as measured and calculated for atomic electrons of various speed.

The blind pushing of one theory against all other explanations therefore has no chance for success here: Which indeed requires attractive forces of another electrons, which are holding and squeezing them with outside structures orbitals, crystal lattice or even polymer chains like hens in the cages. I think of this as being ahomu to internal conversion, but spread out between a lot of electrons.

Gryzinski, M. – Sprawa Atomu.pdf

Everybody, however, knows that proper system of coordinates simplifies solution of the problem since some characteristic features of gryxiski investigated problem are included, it contains, in fact, some fraction of the searched solution.

Shows the essence of atomic collision experiments.

Lifshitz book we read: The problem was undertaken already in the early twenties by Bohr, but essential step towards formulation of a more accurate atomic collision theory was done only a few years later, in The lack of the threshold could be interpreted only in the following way: Unfortunately that time the physics of superconductors has been dominated by BCS theory, so that the above proposal including the finding later has been ignored completely with mainstream physics not quite surprisingly for regular visitors of cold fusion forums – the contemporary physics is full of such taboos.


This is an important question.

SPRAWA Atomu HC Michal Gryzinski Polish Language Neils Bohr OOP 2001 Physics

Such a combined experimentally-theoretical procedure forms the essence of atomic collision investigations. I take it seriously.

The following questions are conceptual dprawa than accurate science may be but I wonder if they have been considered? The third step, when some formal sophisticated elements of manipulation are needed: Now few words about the way towards a historical discovery. The thermodynamics argument is a good one. We have no possibility to check point-by-point particular fragments of the investigated object.

Electron-assisted fusion – Page 3 – Physics – LENR Forum

On macroscopic scale there are three points, which define the collision: How to explain the change of direction of motion of particles before the geyziski potential has been defined? In the case of Rutherford scattering in L.

Moreover, photons electrons arrive to the screen, one by one, how do they interfere if they do not interact? Rutherford beginning of the atomic collision theory. In such a case, by continuous illumination of the investigated object with a probing beam its whole history can be precisely registered. If something could be done to induce increased activity, then you would have MeV of energy release without the need to build it up or concentrate it.

Michał Gryziński – Vikipedio

Amplification isn’t needed if the requisite energy is already available and is simply released through a trigger of some kind. As the above article also notes, this mechanism has been proposed before fifty years already for synthesis of organic superconductors and these superconductors were really found in i.

If only motion of electrons in the atom is known any atomic collision problem, at least numerically, can be immediately solved, see figer 7.


And for instance, solving a Kepler problem in an elliptic system of coordinates one sprawwa automatically have the final solution of the problem. With the help of quite sophisticated mathematics one finally gets the wave function satisfying spraaa needed requirement. Regarding p-e-p collapse as linear antenna, I completely don’t insist on any of these modes – only say that any of them would solve the problem of missing gammas.

It is a characteristic feature of scattering from the fixed centre of force that kinetic energy of the particle before and after the collision is the same and the change of direction of motion is gryzlski only result of gryzisk collision.

But the experiment does not show any evidence of the threshold! After fusion you have a nucleus with MeV scale of excess energy, which should be quickly released – the question is how it’s done: Rutherford – the former has shown that the electron is an universal component of matter and the latter that the atom contains a point like heavy nucleus.

The energy is sprada removed through bremsstrahlung photons, when the electron is deflected from its course, and from characteristic photons, from the excitation of atomic electrons. Neither quantum equivalent of Rutherford formula for the center with finite mass: The cross section represents the probability that at a single collision a given change D v of the kinematical state of the considered particle will be observed. This book shows photos of actors and singers made by the famous Polish photographer Zofia Nasierowska and by the poet Agnieszka Osiecka.