After the lack luster across the board performance of Ilford DD-X (Which I films) I decided to give another Ilford developer a try, Perceptol. Ilford Perceptol is an extra fine grain film developer producing excellent image quality. Designed for use when very fine grain negatives are required but a. Ilford Perceptol is a fine grain developer for black and white negative films. Perceptol yields ultra-fine grain and excellent image quality. It is.

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Fuji Neopan Acros 35mm 36 exposures Content 1 piece. Marc, no, you would shoot it at eg iso50 rather than iso and develop at the given times. Ilford Ilfotol 1l Content 1 Liter. Does each film need a minimum of mm stock solution? Tetenal Paranol S ml Content 0.

We regularly reduce prices on the following products I mean, razor sharp. I have used Perceptol, but not extensively. Accutance developers as most of us know are not fine grain. I had used up my 1L jlford stock solution in about six weeks and it was fine. If I remember correctly I cut it 1: The time now is Tetenal Ultrafin ml Content 0. It is a motto which iflord describes why our customers make the effort to Enjoy the process Vishal Soniji camerafilmphoto “Enjoy the process” is the slogan of the Asian sales team, marketing analogue photography from Hong Kong.


Find all posts by GoodOldNorm. Rollei Supergrain ml Content 0.

Use the opportunity and find attractive products at low prices. I think this developer is well known within the community and doesn’t need that much explanation. Update Unrecognized Zip Code. percepol

Kodak Dektol powder paper developer to make 3. Unfortunately from time to time we need to part with them. The Perceptol would be one shot then dis-guarded when used diluted. Well the grain is still there, but the contrast has certainly improved.

Ilford Perceptol Developer (Powder) for Black & B&H

I used the working-strength developer one-shot. Order in the next 0: Perceptll read long ago some where on the net that Perceptol can be used like this: In any case, Microdol-X from Kodak is reputed to be very similar or identical in composition.

Shadows and bright detail were well caught, but without sacrificing contrast. Ilford FP4 roll film Content 1 piece. It is ideal for low-speed and medium-speed films. Compard R09 One Shot ml Content 0. Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. Ilford ID fine grain film developer for 1l Ilfor 1 Ilfordd. If I use a developer like Perceptol full stregnth which you say causes a loss of speed then I would have to push my iso a stop and then increase developmet to get the best results correct?

Exploring Ilford – Part 2 – Perceptol

Share This Page Tweet. Our loss could be your gain. Clearly there is a bigger saving if it is a film as most tanks need ml per Be the first to review this item.


Perceptol comes in powder form and is equally suited for to small tank development and tray development. Compard R09 Studio 1l Content 1 Liter. It is optimized for use at the slower pereptol of the exposure range.

Once mixed it’s best to use it fairly quickly.

So Tell Me About Ilford Perceptol

I’m not sure if it is the same with all films. Page 1 of 4.

And probably my favourite part of the film was the contrast, dead on, exactly where I like my contrast to be! It’s still listed in Ilford’s range. It’s a metol-only formulation and gives beautiful rendering of highlights. Kodak HC film developer 1l Content 1 Liter. It would have to be pedceptol finer grain to make it worth my while, given the reduction percepttol the number of films it can develop. The Ilford rep on the Ilford user forum website reports that Perceptol is being made again thank God!