The MacPorts CUPS-PDF port would not produce a printer, the ‘backend’ part. In Terminal, I found the file. The MacPorts ports tree. Contribute to macports/macports-ports development by creating an account on GitHub. Based on this MacPorts issue and this link, I added Sandboxing relaxed at the end of /etc/cups/ and changed the Out declaration.

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As of Deccpus may need gcc4. Typed in sudo chown root: Visit other IDG sites: MacPorts has updated its guile port to 1. A package on sourceForge PDFwriter http: This author uses the following:.


Note that these commands may uninstall some of your favorit programs other than gnucash, if they also depend on cairo or dbus. Click here to return to the ‘ Navigation menu Personal tools Log in Request account. It is not really possible to mix Xenabled and Xfree versions of these components in the MacPorts package system at the moment. This page has been accessed 17, times.

Views Read View source View history. Note that as of GnuCash Powered by the Parse. If you have installed GnuCash using MacPorts before March 29,and want to upgrade to a more recent version, you cpus have to do the following:.

Hints 1 new Hints in the last 24 hours Comments last 2 days No new comments Links last 2 weeks No recent new links. It’s strange that the symlink should break like that.

Privacy policy About GnuCash Disclaimers.

See this thread for more info. According to the gnucash website “to install GnuCash, users will need Gnome 2, guile, slib and g-wrap” so the first steps assuming MacPorts is installed are simply:. Created this page in 0. While this is certainly chps, guile 1.


CUPS-PDF – Download

After installing you should see the dependencies listed as active by using this command:. Instead restart your computer. The default installation of GnuCash using MacPorts enables everything, including things you might not need, or things that might even cause trouble. Taylor Swift fans are gonna play, play, play Facebook lays ground macporhs ad push and payments with updated privacy policy Free advice: Click here for complete coverage of Lion on Macportw.

So a standard install may be the safest route — that definitely works fine. Now, this author didn’t find the following in the MacPorts documentation, if it is there please update this information.

Expect gnome to take a long time, the other two should be done relatively quickly.

# (cups-pdf mainly broken on El Capitan OS X ) – MacPorts

The ultimate guide to better selfies Changes coming to Twitter: If you want to run a more recent version of GnuCash 2 macpotrs that found in either of the above options, you can use the following instructions. As before, make sure you have the latest version of XCode from Apple before you start. VipRiser also makes a good alternative — no Cupz shenanigans required.

The following comments are owned by whoever posted them. But the fonts are too small to be useful on my 15″ intel powerbook. Make sure the MacPorts libraries are available to your compiler, change these appropriately for your shell.


I suppose it’s a permissions issue. As of AugustLeopard ChipMck on Aug 21, ’11 It took a good 6 hours on my iBook. To configure MacPorts to compile GnuCash in this fashion, you need only insert one additional step after installing MacPorts and before executing “sudo port install gnucash” or any other port install commands for that matter:.

Search Advanced From our Sponsor This page provides further detail on compiling and installing GnuCash using MacPorts. If you have other MacPorts ports installed that you can’t blow away, you can try the following approach:.

As of DecemberMacPorts can also handle compiling mwcports building the native Quartz version of GnuCash, which does not require or invoke X-Windows at all. If this works for you, you can skip the rest of this section but you may want to look at the Quartz instructions below. This site is not responsible for what they say. If you can afford to do it, completely uninstalling MacPorts altogether and doing a fresh clean install from scratch is the most reliable way to get a working Quartz-native GnuCash.

Note however that at least in the spring ofthe gnucash-devel port has been tracking GnuCash unstable releases and sometimes Subversion head versions quite closely, so be sure that gnucash-devel is not recent enough for your needs. These commands will remove those guile-related ports that now refer to guile 1.