JBoss in Action: Configuring the JBoss Application Server Configuring the JBoss Application Server. Manning Publications Co. Greenwich, CT, USA © JBoss in Action is the first book to focus on teaching readers in detail how to use the comes with an offer of a free PDF, ePub, and Kindle eBook from Manning. JBoss in Action is the first book to focus in detail on how to use the JBoss 5 Javid: I had written a few articles on JBoss and one of Manning’s.

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I was used to writing page white papers. How much time did each of you spend on writing your part?

Where is Jboss 6 -JBoss in Action: Whose idea was it to write the book? This book is perfect for developers writing Java EE applications, as well as administrators responsible for maintaining the JBoss Application Server.

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Peter is a JBoss committer, working on the new admin console. Jun 24, JBoss is very popular among developers, you can get it up and running in less than 5 minutes, is it also popular mannning a production application? Jun 12, 9: Managing the JBoss Application Server 2.


It also provides detailed insight into configuring the various component services such as security, performance, and clustering. Chapter 3 Deploying applications p.

About the book The book walks you through the JBoss 5 Application Server, from installation and configuration to production deployment. Peter speaks often on Java and open-source related topics at various industry conferences.

Many of the technologies that will appear in JBoss Application Server 5. QoS with JBoss Messaging.

Manning | JBoss in Action

Mar 17, I’m now a much more humble person and have much respect for the folks at Red Hat. Ordering of the same application types.

Oct 8, Its hard to choose one, so I’ll choose four: Changing the default database. Opinions expressed by DZone contributors are their own. Way more time that I want to even think about. Feb 17, 7: Introducing the JBoss Portal. In particular, it focuses on enterprise-class topics, such as high availability, security, and performance. Wow, that is a tall order; I consider most of the book to be tips and mannimg on using the application server.


Signing up and getting your account configured couldn’t be easier. I had written a few articles on JBoss and one of Manning’s Acquisitions Editors liked my writing style and approached me about writing the book.

An Interview with JBoss in Action authors Javid Jamae and Peter Johnson

Out of Date on JbossFaces Chapter 5. Collocating multiple application server instances. Dec 3, 1: Javid Jamae and Peter Johnson. I think these chapters cover the essence of the application server and how to use it.

Manning Publications

Clear and informative – I highly recommend it. Building Reactive Microservices in Java: I abandoned that when I realized how depressing it was that I had no life outside of work actin writing the book. Feb 2, 8: May 20, 6: