Find great deals for RCA Dual Gate MOSFET N Channel To Shop with confidence on eBay!. In searching for what SMT devices are out there that have specs like the , I found the BFWR, a dual-gate MOSFET made by NXP. Beim Dual-Gate MOSFET (RCA) sind die Gate-Anschlüsse intern durch Dioden vor Beschädigungen bzw. Zerstörungen durch statische Aufladungen.

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Someone would pick a device based on specs or availability, and write about the project. But they will be shortly…. Sometimes there are components for which there are no perfect replacements. Just an example off the top of my head, nothing against AD parts in general: Happened to stumble across two of those in my old bag of bits just the other day.

Printed catalogs still exist, but the sheer volume of information mksfet contain forces brevity upon their entries and expands the size of the publication to the point at which it becomes an unwieldy work of reference.

The Curse Of The 40673: Zombie Components That Refuse To Die

Nobody ever got fired for buying IBM, they say, but perhaps they should be fired for specifying an AD logarithmic amplifier in an amateur radio power meter. Maybe not feasible for mass production, but sure as hell mmosfet problem for any amateur building a circuit with only a handfull of these….

October 26, Another part that came and went but in my mind at least showed fantastic promise was the tunnel mosvet. That line was ambiguous. New to Ham Radio? Because even today, thirty years after the shuffled off this mortal coil, you can still find people specifying it.

  IEC 62220 PDF

Dual Gate MOSFET: specs and/or equivs | Electronics Forums

The big daddy of dead tree reference was the Thomas Register: Thus an association was formed, when you want a quick logic function then 74HC is the modern one to go for. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

I bought a few last-buys. There were always two camps. Which exactly are the parts that have superseded the 74HC? I have some VHF receivers that use it. Another example would be lm Circuits in the maker and hobbyist arena have a nasty habit of sticking around, regardless of how good they are.

Zombie components are alive and well in the aviation world. No, I think gate devices are old hat now, better use a gate one…: And people wonder why I hoard old analogue TV tuners. Moafet on October 25, Excessively frustrating… what takes seconds in a catalog takes hours on a webpage.

Although its not much, when you look at a for reference, a double, triple and quadruple of voltage gain might be worth it. They apparently have the capability to run a line for the day to get a few thousand chips and inventory them and put them up for sale. Actually what I used original was a mosfef version of the 2N something like mosfey MPS that I happened to have some of in my junkbox.

But a cheap opamp was the same part. My EE course tried to teach me to be an EE academic more than it did a professional engineer. The BF is a current production part designed to run on 5V max 12V that can be used in a lot of circuits.


Great article all the same. A bit late but anyway, a mosfet like the can be swapped with two N jfets in cascode configuration just like in these example:.

But perhaps that meant stock. Launched in the mists of time when dinosaurs probably still roamed the earth, this static-sensitive four-pin TO72 found a home in a huge variety of RF amplifiers, oscillators, and mixers.

There is of course also a slightly macabre alternative scenario.

So I hope that other manufacturers will extend their manufacturing in such a manner. And, the noise figure is aobut 1. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Most of what Burr Brown was making was carried over mosft AD with nary a change in part number.

NTE Equivalent NTE MOSFET N-CHANNEL DUAL – Wholesale Electronics

The data sheet does not specify a blast shield. I appreciate your criticism not because the criticism is correct, but rather it is an accurate observation about the lack of part availability.

I use HC parts as level translators with mixed 3v3 and 5v logic parts because there a good cheap option and do the job well. Really great UHF front end components. Extremely useful and they are dirt-cheap.