Download Al Di Meola – REH Master Series. Description. Download Al Di Meola – REH Master Series Free in pdf format. Al Di Meola – REH Master Series(VHS Video+PDF) Author: Al Di Meola | Publisher: Alfred Publishing Company | (, X, DivX5, 2Channel. Al Di Meola – REH Master Series. Report. Post on Oct- Al di meola reh video pdf – nbsp; Al di meola reh video pdf. al di meola reh video.

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Also, it is a matter of who you would WANT to copy. And it’s immediately audible GuildXMar 1, It can be done, but you have to start at age ten and start playing these scales for hours a day! Very guitarist who has spend thousands of hours practicing and has found his own ‘voice’ is very hard to imitate or copy. YovraMar 1, I still need to work on my chord changes even now. He just uploaded a new one a few hours ago focusing on Eric Johnson’s picking technique.

I’m not a huge fan of his solo stuff, but he does have impressive clean guitar chops. I don’t think there is a “toughest guitarist” to copy.

: Al Di Meola Torrent

Yes, my password is: Basically no great guitarist can be copied, maybe imitated and yet the original will always be many steps ahead. If you come from a strict alternate picking background it will make for a frustrating adjustment.


For example, I think jazz guitarists would find him far easier to copy than primarily bllues guitarists. First guitar playing that really hit me as a kid was Django Reinhardt, mqster I latched onto his high speed runs and not his great feel.

HelmutMar 1, reg Speed is great, if you’re drag racing, but even though I ci wear a Fender extra heavy pick down to a soft round in a single day with extremely silly fast runs, I rarely use that speed, a little goes a long way in making music.

Probably someone like Derek Bailey or Dot Wiggin. SynthfreekFeb 28, If you haven’t seen any of this series, you should start at the beginning to understand fully the downward pick slant technique employed by Eric and Yngwie and many others. The toughest thing to learn is the harmonic language some of the advanced guys like Holdsworth or Shawn Lane or basically any jazz great, Charlie Parker, Wayne Shorter etc. It just jelled for ,aster. Who is toughest to copy depends on what style of music you play.

Holy DiverFeb 28, Check out this video, from No, create an account now. From time to time I love to see people like him or Tommy Emmanuel and it’s like watching an illusionist. But isn’t that the reason why we go to concerts of people like Al di Meola, that they are unique and impossible to copy? Going to see Di Meola in a couple months for my 14th wedding anniversary and can’t wait.


Al Di Meola is unique! He only did one acoustic piece when I saw him, but it was the best of the lot. Toughest guitarist to copy? I started out playing fast, honestly His fingers look like a daddy long legs hovering over the strings. Holy Diver likes this.

[TAB] Al Di Meola REH Video Booklet

I thought Tony MacAlpine not too shabby either. Log in or Sign up. SirNoseDVoidMar 1, Discussion in ‘ Music Corner ‘ started by MonosterioFeb 6, He has huge hands and it appears he can do runs that reach across 5 frets with ease, and he has some really bizarre chord structures and technique in forming them.

I can do much of what he does, but it is a chore, it is like playing Twister with my fingers. Do you already have an account?

I just can’t get it to sound that clean at the correct tempo. Holdsworth was the tightest guitarist I’ve seen live. SuperFuzzFeb 28, I suppose if you put in enough time with the metronome and disciplined practicing, you’ll see a definite improvement in speed and accuracy over the course of a few months although I also think that some people have more of a natural aptitude for that type of playing than others, just like sports.