Dutchman is a play written by African-American playwright Amiri Baraka, then known as LeRoi The play’s title evokes images of Dutch ships that carried slaves across the Atlantic. The subway car itself, endlessly traveling the same course. Dutchman. Amiri Baraka. CHARACTERS. CLAY .. Your grandfather was a slave, he didn’t go to Harvard. CLAY My grandfather was a night watchman. ~. Amiri Baraka, born Leroi Jones in , is a poet, playwright, novelist, critic, and politcal activist. Best known for his highly acclaimed, award-winning play.

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It was a scary time for cast, crew and audience since Philly was experiencing race riots, and we never amuri how the audience would react to Jones’s incendiary screech a la subway car violence.

Clay’s name is symbolic of the malleability of black identity and black manhood. Dutchman and the Slave Volume of Apollo editions Drama.

Mar 25, Markdine rated it liked it. Centered squarely on the Negro-white conflict, both Dutchman and The Slave are literally shocking plays–in ideas, in language, in honest anger. What Baraka then LeRoi Jones did was scare the pants off everybody. He won a scholarship to Rutgers University inbut a continuing sense of cultural dislocation prompted him to transfer in to Howard University. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Perhaps it is different when seen performed. Baraka also served three years in the U.

Like a feverish nightmare in New York’s underbelly. Brad and Grace’s deaths seem to be inevitable, but the final excision of Walker’s past comes with his children. Air Force as a gunner.

Dutchman & The Slave

It’s treatment of the main female character can feel stilted and one dimensional at times. Dec 27, Lawrence rated it it was amazing Shelves: His major fields of study were philosophy and religion.

The Slave, which was produced off-Broadway the following fall, continues to be the subject of heated critical controversy. Jul 26, Kasi rated it it was amazing.


The play ends with Lula looking towards another young black man who has just boarded the futchman mostly empty train car. Account Options Sign in. The characters in these plays are nowhere near believable; they’re very contrived types, not people.

In Dutchman and The Slave, both plays published inAmiri Baraka he was still LeRoi Jones at the time presents two plays that explore a search for Black identity and consciousness and a question of sanity.

The other passengers in the car are emotionless, the lighting and car going on are designated to illustrate inward thoughts or the streaming consciousness of Clay.

Dutchman (play) – Wikipedia

Dutchman was the last play produced by Baraka under his birth name, LeRoi Jones. Med dette bragt til en side skribler Lula et eller andet i sin notesbog, idet en anden sort mand entrer togvognen. Zlave c Why five stars?

Their discussion and the way they treat each other through the play reveals an African-American perspective of the conflict. She is controlling, domineering, and has no control over herself whatsoever. You just don’t know barakq going on and most of what the play is about is what you can imagine and infer.

Dutchman and the Slave – Leroi Jones – Google Books

The vitriol builds in this play in such a way that there is only one inevitable conclusion. In the background explosions indicate a present or future war between blacks and whites. I was crying out against three hundred years of oppression; not against individuals. The play’s technically uses expressionism and alienation effect.

What I remember best was the extraordinary performance given by Patricia Powers, and the forty-five second blackout I had to time in synch with Patricia’s arm coming down in a signal for the other “white” passengers to begin their murderous torture of the one black man on board. These plays were awful. The subject-manner of these plays are still prevalent in societies today and Jones really critiques what society wants the public to see vs what it really is.

You were my wife The play, which won an Obie Award. It’s treatment of the main female This play is a time capsule of the early sixties. Striking parallels and reversals reaffirm the sense that these two plays are meant to go hand in hand. Compared to Bigger Thomas, Vessels character is a man who has been influenced very hard by his experiences, is consumed with conflicting emotions, and spits on the laws of society.


Clay says that if he were to take Lula’s words to heart, he should just kill all the white people he meets. He could not have known that the moment he would not follow her rules, she would demonize him and even kill him.

For a shorter play it is really intense and there will be a lot for students to work through. Books by Amiri Baraka. To me, they represent talent going to waste. Everything isn’t better but it is different. She derides his being black and passive. She directs all the other passengers, blacks and whites, in the train car to throw his body out and get out at the next stop. While the play is violent and disturbing, the content is an excellent source for discussion about race and gender.

And on that day, as sure as shit, when you really believe you can ‘accept’ them into your fold, as half-white trusties late of the subject peoples. Published January 1st by Harper Perennial first published The second scene where she wanted Clay to do the Belly Rub with her and began to criticize him, even going as far as to call him a ‘would-be Christian” and “a dirty white man” James 31 was offensive and disgusting on so many levels.

Maybe it was inbut it seems to me that it could only have been surprising to people completely out of the loop i.