Monografia de la Familia Caricaceae. for flowering plants of the Neotropics. Monographia de la familia Caricaceae. Publ. Assoc. Prof., Universidad Central de Venezuela, Maracay. Badillo VM. Caricaceae. Segundo esquema. Rev. Soft-stemmed trees, shrubs, or perennial herbs with milky sap in anastomosing, articulated laticifers; stems armed or unarmed; plants mostly dioecious, or more.

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Caricaceae: Characters, Distribution and Economic Importance

Caricaceae – trees native to tropical America and Africa with milky juice and large palmately lobed leaves family Caricaceaepapaya family dilleniid dicot family – family of more or less advanced dicotyledonous trees and shrubs and herbs Hypericalesorder Hypericalesorder ParietalesParietales – a large order of dicotyledonous plants of subclass Dilleniidae Caricagenus Carica – type genus of the Caricaceae; tropical American trees: The botany and sex relationships of the ccaricaceae.


Medicinal role of papaya seeds on thrombocyte count tested on healthy rabbits. Papaya is not just a fruit, offers great health benefits. F Zamb Farnsworth, N.

Dioecy database open access. Tucker Herbs of commerce, ed.

Tropical and Subtropical Fruits. Stipules normally present, sometimes transformed in spines. Dated molecular phylogenies indicate a Miocene origin for Arabidopsis thaliana. Requests for caricacee are not being accepted during the lapse in funding. African Study Monographs, Supp!.

Caricaceae: References – BRAHMS Online

F Veracruz Gooding, E. From Central America, the family reached South America mya. Monografia de la Familia Caricaceae. Guide to the vascular plants of Central French Guiana Mem.

Dioecy database open access Renner, S. Advanced Query of Species Data. Habitat fragmentation threatens famiila populations of Carica papaya Caricaceae in a lowland rainforest Amer.

Genetics and Genomics of Papaya. New York Bot Gard.

They are typically short-lived evergreen pachycaul shrubs or small trees growing to 5—10 m tall. Answer Now and help others. The Latex of unripe fruits is used in chewing gum. Leaves generally petiolateglabrousgenerally with foetid or rank smell, venation generally palmateentire to deeply dissectedsometimes digitate to trifoliolatesometimes peltate in Jarrilla Rusby deltoid in outlinemargin lobedcrenate or dentatesometimes entirebase often cordate.


Carica candicans Gray Mitoan alimentary resource from Peruvian flora. Espig The cultivated plants of the tropics and subtropics.

#caricaceae hashtag for photos & videos

Here’s how it works: L Parana Badillo, V. This is a list of scientific studies arranged by general topics and chronologically. Shrubs or trees, self-supported, leaves never deltoid Agronomia Tropical 3 4: Leaves digitate to trifoliolatebranches often spiny Checklist of United States caricaxeae, Agric.