The letter follows the public release of the Khampepe report. The report, by two South African High Court judges, found the elections were not. The report by two South African High Court judges, Dikgang Moseneke and Sisi Khampepe, found the Zimbabwe elections of not to be. Acccording to the Khampene report, the Zimbabwe election was not free and fair. For more than 12 years, the South African government fought to keep the .

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And his successors, Kgalema Motlanthe and Jacob Zuma, were party to his cover-up The release of the Khampepe report is a hollow victory if independent organisations do not change the way they monitor African elections in future. Khampepe report is ’12 years too late’. Gone is the moral high ground and the esteem repory country experienced during the Mandela era.

Khampepe Report

Only the Electoral Services Commission and persons authorised by them were allowed to provide voter education. Create Account Lost Your Password? LazyLion King of de Jungle Nov 14, It shows that he condoned the theft of the election and lied to the people of Zimbabwe, to South Africans and to the wider world by actively promoting the idea reprot the poll was the legitimate khhampepe of the will of Zimbabweans.

Zimbabwe’s opposition parties and civil society say the findings of the Khampepe report on the Zimbabwe presidential elections, The Zimbabwe Exiles Forum hopes the release of the report, repprt after Judge Sisi Khampepe, will lead to elections in Africa being monitored long before and after election day.


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International Human Rights Day. Big Giveaway – Win prizes worth R3, A verdict on a court challenge to the poll result had still to be delivered, the opposition leader said. One needs to ask why, and it is only right that answers are forthcoming!

The Khampepe Report released. The khameppe of the Khampepe Report, which corresponded largely with the conclusions of the Commonwealth Observer Mission, did not suit President Mbeki.

Mbeki weighs in on Khampepe report

LazyLion King of de Jungle Nov 19, Many people had been registered for voting after the official closing date of the voters roll and a subsequent decree was issued to order that these persons would be eligible to vote.

They will never actually receive the report. Waiting to hear from Mac, and of course Thabo.

The mandate of the JOM was to observe whether the legal framework under which the elections took place qualified them to be considered free and fair.

The kjampepe team reflects on Read the Khampepe Report judgment.

For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Constitutional values hinge on Khampepe.

Zimbabwe opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai is “deeply appalled” by a damning report on Zimbabwe’s elections that has only just been released Contact Terms and Conditions How to Advertise.

Forums New posts Search forums. Another inconvenient truth The Khampepe Report laid bare another inconvenient truth.

In a statement to the press Wednesday Tsvangirai said: The deplorable role the SAG played in concealing the underhand tactics of Mugabe to steal the presidential election, is not the only transgression of its kind. Whatever the reason s for Mbeki and subsequently the Motlanthe and Zuma administrations to try and prevent the publication of the Khampepe Report it is inexcusable.


National Thabo Mbeki Despite the Khampepe Report informing the South African government that the Zimbabwean elections were not free and fair, Mbeki continued to endorse the Zimbabwean elections and support the view held by the South African Observer Mission SAOM that the elections were legitimate.

Khampepe Report: Final | South African Government

Most read Africa Watch 77 hits in the last 14 days Social Stability 76 hits in the last 14 days Final Word 73 hits in the last 14 days SA Governance – Opinion 71 hits in the last 14 days. The credibility of the SAG as a trustworthy and impartial participant in international affairs is once again under suspicion.

Editorials Editorial It has been claimed that there was vote-rigging in those elections, but the report has never been made public. A week before voting commenced, the Registrar General announced that the number of polling khxmpepe in urban areas would be reduced and those in rural areas would be increased in order to reduce the distances people have to walk to khapepe to polling stations.

Joined May 5, Messages 10, It took six years and a protracted multimillion-rand court battle under three presidents to find out what many suspected: