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Units l-F Input Capacitance C 2 2. Mute bandwidth decreases with higher values of loaded Q and higher values of resistance between pins 7 and Note that there are datasyeet pull-down resistors or other external discrete components necessary. A hermetically sealed version of Type UDNA, with reduced lmm1391n power dissipation ratings, is available on special order. The typical input current can be described as: Tune for maximum re- covered audio at pin 1 or maximum l-F voltage at pin All voltage measurements are referenced to pin 9 unless otherwise specified.

No unique precautions are necessary when designing with the ULNA power am- plifier. A -2X or -3X device could also be lm3191n by paralleling the equivalent Q tuner load with a fixed resistance for an Q load or a Q load, respectively. Stepper motor bridge driver circuits using techniques such as that illustrated below should achieve greater reliability and space economy, cost reduction and improved performance.

This system will operate at supply voltages as low as 2 V at reduced volume without significant increase in distortion. Units Supply Voltage Vcc: Output Current Ireg dataeheet 2.


For strong on-channel signal levels, the wide-band R-F gain is determined by the strongest in-band signal. Both the display and semiconductor industries have demonstrated that they will meet the challenges of today, and these challenges then become routine with tomorrow.

LM1391N описание схема включения

No doubt other applications will arise in the future, but these figures are representative of power interface applications which may be simplified through the use of these Sprague power integrated circuits to replace discrete components.

However, fewer com- ponents, less complex boards, etc. The level of recovered audio increases with higher values of loaded Q and higher values of resistance between pins 6 and Minimum strobe pulse width ns D.

Panel technologies using thick or thin-film techniques could benefit from such an approach. A higher value resistor will decrease bandwidth, increase the recovered audio output, reduce the capture ratio, and increase harmonic distortion.

Digit Interface The digit driver is the more complex of the two and its schematic is shown in Figure 2.

To accomplish this, the present boundaries of device design, process, packaging, and electrical parameters will require continual extension and expansion. To reduce the size of Q54, an additional transistor Q48 is added to the circuit as shown in Figure 2.

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Type ULNA is housed in a pin dual in-line plastic package with a copper lead frame that eliminates many decoupling problems and allows maximum power dissipation.

The UCNA internal step logic activates one of four output sink drivers to step the load from one position to the next. Unless otherwise specified, the latest issues of these military documents shall apply to the extent specified herein.


Internal transient-suppression diodes allow use of the drivers with inductive loads. Integral transient suppression diodes allow these devices to datasjeet used with inductive loads without the need for discrete diodes.

All four devices incorporate input current limiting resistors and output suppression di- odes. The chopper drive mode is characterized dataeheet a minimum power dissipation requirement while allowing the output to switch currents of 2 amperes. Other Input Output Min. The biggest barrier to such an integrated assembly is the market data needed to justify tooling and lead time.

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Each output transistor is capable of sinking mA in the ON state. Typical values are at Vcc – 5.

The increased current sinking capability of the Sprague ICs offers a solution to lamp interface that usually obviates the need for “warming” resistors across the output which slightly warm the lamp filament and thus minimize problems associated with cold lamp filaments.

High inherent I-F rejection, 2.

The high-current diodes that are internal to the Sprague arrays are utilized in the unipolar drive scheme connected to a suitable OFF reference.